Dapet e-mail aneh lagi…

Posted: 23 July 2008 in Internet
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E-mail ini terdeteksi sebagai spam, isinya kyk gini:

RF Micro Devices Inc.
Amidhouse Frimley Business Park,
7sl, UK.
Tel+44 7024039743,
Fax+44 8704792256.     
  I am the purchasing Consultant to Micro Devices;UK(company profile below).Your contact was given to us by one Mr.Lim  from Singapore.He describes you as an honest person who he met in the same institution in Bandung Indonesia, that anytime we need any business assistance around Asia that we should contact you.
Now we wish to purchase a raw material from Asia.This is a solid mineral sold in Indonesia by some local Agents.It is called; “Crude platinum”,usually mined around Australia.We purchase it in units of three pieces,with purity level of 95%,and hardness of 4.5.
    In Australia,we used to purchase for $1.650(USD), per unit, and presently we  require up to 2400 units(which will cost $3.960.million).
We need an agent in Asia who can act on our behalf,as our representative and whom we can entrust the companies money to purchase these products for us.
   We therefore wish to appoint you as our agent in Asia,since you are residing in there and therefore closer to the dealers.You understand the business ethics in Asia better than we do,because we have not been doing business in Asia before.
 We have information that we can purchase some reasonable quantities in Indonesia by some dealers or local miners,we were given this Telephone number as one of the dealers in Indonesia;+62 817884782.
   We will like you to put a call to the dealers,confirm if they sale this ;Crude Platinum”the price per unit and the quantity available now for immediate purchase,If you confirm availability,then we will send the company `s Quality Control Officer to meet you in your country and after reaching an agreement with you,he  will then give you the money to purchase up to 2400 units on behalf of this company,
This company will pay 5% commission to you on the total quantities purchased.
   Please we beg to indulge a little of your time to this very urgent need of our company.Kindly contact  me as soon as you have information from the local dealers through this email(rfmd@mail.md) or the contact telfax above.
Dr.Cole Macbeth.
Senior Consultant.
 UK Purchasing Division.
Mobile;+44 7031933497.


RF Micro Devices, Inc., an ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified manufacturer, designs, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for wireless communications products and applications. The Company is a leading supplier of power amplifiers, one of the most critical radio frequency (RF) components in cellular phones. The Company is also the leading manufacturer of GaAs HBT, which offers distinct advantages over other technologies for the manufacture of current- and next-generation power amplifiers. The Company’s products are included primarily in cellular phones, base stations, wireless local area networks (WLANs), cable television modems and global positioning systems (GPS). The Company derives revenue from the sale of standard and custom-designed products. The Company offers a broad array of products including amplifiers, mixers, modulators/demodulators and single-chip transmitters, Bluetooth(R) products and receivers and transceivers that represent a substantial majority of the RFICs required in wireless subscriber equipment. The Company’s goal is to be the premier supplier of low-cost, high-performance integrated circuits and solutions for applications that enable wireless connectivity. RF Micro Devices, Inc., is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol RFMD. For more information about RFMD.

This message may contain confidential and/or proprietary information of RF Micro Devices Inc UK., and /or their affiliated companies. This message is intended only for use of the named addressee(s). If you are not named addressee or receive this message in error you may not disclose, copy, distribute or use this information for any purpose.

Ini perusahaan cukup gede tp knp suruh email ke rfmd@mail.md, .md=MOLDOVA bukan UK…

Hidup ini memang aneh…

  1. frank says:

    huahahahahaha, ane tapi nyata nih, gw juga dapet imel ini sama persis tapi kebetulan emang gw baru dari singapore so pertama gw agak percaya ma nih imel, iseng gw contact ke no mer yg dia kasih(masih belom curiga nih), udah gitu gw contact ke Dr Cole itu, Dr cole bales dia mau kirim anaknya ke indo, bawa duit banyak gitu deh (mulai agak curiga), kan kalo bawa duit cash via bandara pasti harus disertai dokumen, si dr cole ini minta gw provide IECN (Internation Export Control Number).
    nah kan gw bingung tuh IECN tuh apa, kebetulan gw ada temen yg bantuin, so akhirnya gw telp no yg di kasih di imel itu, ngakunya sih namanya Ahmad Ali, dia bilang dia ada IECN tapi gw mesti bayar ke dia 7,8 juta(mode curiga abis = on). nah gw sih masih berpikiran positif akhirnya apa gw minta duit ke si dr cole, tapi dia berbelit belit dia bilang kirim duit lama bisa 4 – 5 hari, gw cek deh ma temen gw di german dia bilang cepet kok kalo kirim duit. mulai dari sini gw udah ga percaya nih imel, e kok kebetulan banget gw search rfmd@mail.md nemunya ke web ini (goblogsia.wordpress.com). bener emang dari moldova.
    Akhirnya gw ma temen gw telp tuh ke Dr Cole sama Ahmad Ali kok menurut gw ma temen gw suara mereka tuh mirip. jangan jangan Dr Cole = Ahmad Ali….Hayo kira kira bener ga ya ? ati ati dah jaman sekarang, tapi gw akuin ini spam lumayan bagus tricky nya. untungnya gw ambil praktisnya aja, gw posisin diri gw sebagai middle man di bisnis, buat apa gw keluar uang yg belom jelas. semoga jgn ada lagi yg ketipu yak ma imel yg beginian, untung cuma rugi pulsa doang gw, oh iya gw saking pengen tau nya mpe gw telp ke customer service XL buat nanyain si nomer nya Ahmad Ali itu, nah kata customer service nomer itu udah dilaporkan hilang sejak oktober 2007 tapi ga di blok karena XL Bebas,
    ada satu lagi yg ganjal si Dr Cole telp gw tapi no telp nya itu dari No IM3 gitu 0856 depannya, tapi kok pas gw telp ke +77 yg di imelnya dia kok nyambung sama dia, moso iya dia pake IM3 dari sono. wuah sudah lah cukup sekian komentar gw, ambil kesimpulan sendiri sendiri aja yah….

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